God of War PC

Sony’s Biggest PC Release of the Year is God of War, Topping Horizon Zero Dawn, and Days Gone

God of War is presently Sony’s most successful PC launch, outpacing titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone in terms of sales.

It has been reported on social media by @BenjiSales that God of War reached a peak of moreover 70,000 concurrent gamers on Steam this weekend, making it the best-performing PlayStation Studios title on the PC far.

Concerning earlier PlayStation and PC versions, Horizon Zero Dawn achieved over 56,000 concurrent players, and Days Gone achieved over 27,000 concurrent players, respectively.

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The port itself has also gotten positive feedback. God of War PC now has 93 on review aggregator Metacritic, compared to Horizon Zero Dawn’s score of 83 and Days Gone’s score of 76.

This God of War PC visuals comparison may convince you that it’s worth your time to play through or first-time experience the Santa Monica Studios game on your computer.

But if you’re worried about whether your computer will be able to run the Norse mythology adventure game, we have some good news for you.

For the PC version of God of War, there are three separate system requirements: a minimum requirement, a recommended need, and an extreme requirement for those who wish to see each of Kratos’ individual beard hairs on screen.

Assuming God of War continues to be popular, we can expect more PlayStation titles to be released on the platform in the future. According to God of War director Cory Barlog, PlayStation PC ports began to appear due to requests from Sony’s game development teams.

In a recent interview, the developer shared the following information: “I believe there was a group of studios from all around the world who agreed that this was a fantastic idea. This is something that we should look into.”

God of War was unable to break into the top 20 games on Steam’s concurrent player’s list on Friday, despite being ranked No. 22. However, it’s worth noting that practically all of the titles listed above it on release day were multiplayer games.

Horizon Zero Dawn, Sony’s other major first-party PC title, reached a peak of 56 557 downloads on its release, putting it in a class by itself.

Sales of PlayStation’s PC titles on the Epic Games Store, where Days Gone, Horizon, and God of War are all accessible, are not included in these figures because Steam is the only platform where they are available.

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In April 2018, God of War for the PlayStation 4 was released, and as of August 2021, Sony said that the game had sold 19.5 million copies worldwide.

Even though most of the work on this port was done by the Canadian studio Jetpack Interactive, the game’s original developers at Santa Monica Studio assisted in the project’s supervision. God of War’s PC port has been in production for at least two years, according to a senior developer who spoke with IGN this week.