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Oracle’s First Hyperscale Cloud Region in Colombia: A Milestone in Cloud Technology and Sustainability

Oracle Corporation, a renowned leader in cloud computing and enterprise software, has achieved a significant milestone with the inauguration of its first hyperscale cloud region in Colombia. This landmark development not only represents Oracle’s commitment to expanding its global cloud infrastructure but also underscores its dedication to sustainable operations and technological innovation.

Pioneering Cloud Services in Colombia

Located in Bogotá, the Oracle Cloud Region marks the first major cloud provider to establish a public cloud region in Colombia. This initiative, in partnership with Claro, a prominent telecommunications company, signifies a strategic move to enhance cloud services in the country. Claro, being one of the host partners for the Oracle Cloud Bogotá Region, becomes the first telecommunications operator in the region to offer Oracle’s advanced cloud solutions​​​​​​.

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Oracle’s Global Strategy and Sustainable Commitment

This expansion is part of Oracle’s broader strategy to drive sustainable operations worldwide. With a pledge to match all Oracle Cloud Regions with 100% renewable energy by 2025, Oracle is not only advancing its technological footprint but also its environmental stewardship. The Oracle Cloud Bogotá Region is included in this commitment, joining several other Oracle Cloud Regions already powered by 100% renewable energy​​.

Fostering Technological Development and Democratization

The establishment of the cloud region in Colombia reflects Oracle’s commitment to the country’s technological progress. As stated by Germán Borromei, Managing Director of Oracle Colombia and Ecuador, this new region is set to accelerate the adoption of cloud solutions, democratize access to innovative technology, and support the modernization of organizations. This move is poised to foster growth and development within the local and regional technology landscape​​.

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Oracle’s Strong Performance in 2023

Oracle’s venture into Colombia comes on the heels of a robust fiscal year. In 2023, the company reported significant growth, with a 18% increase in revenue, reaching $50 billion. The focus on cloud services has been particularly fruitful, with cloud revenue and earnings witnessing solid growth. The fourth quarter of fiscal 2023 saw a 17% increase in total quarterly revenues, amounting to $13.8 billion, and a remarkable 23% rise in cloud services and license support revenues, reaching $9.4 billion​​​​​​​​.

Embracing the Future with Generative AI

In line with its innovative trajectory, Oracle NetSuite announced new generative AI-powered capabilities in October 2023. These advancements, embedded across the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and NetSuite, aim to help organizations achieve their objectives more efficiently, demonstrating Oracle’s ongoing commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology for business enhancement​​.


Oracle’s foray into Colombia with its first hyperscale cloud region signifies not just an expansion of its global infrastructure, but also a commitment to sustainable and innovative technology solutions. This strategic move is expected to play a pivotal role in the technological development of Colombia and the region at large, marking a new chapter in Oracle’s history of leading the way in cloud computing and enterprise software solutions.