Viper Networks

Viper Networks in Licensing Talks with Multiple Parties Regarding ‘CyberGrab’ Technology App

Viper Networks is pleased to announce that they are in talks with several individual entities regarding their CyberGrab technology application. The company believes these discussions will lead them towards new opportunities and partnerships, which investors also expect.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen many parties approach our executive team with interest in licensing potential agreements based on their wide-ranging CyberGrab technology app. We are patiently awaiting final patent approval before reaching any conclusions about how they might be able to help us out – there’s no telling what opportunities this could create.

Viper Networks is making it easy for consumers to get the things they need without the hassle. They have an app that can provide you with your ride, pay bills, and more.

The company is focused on deploying their CyberGrab app in San Francisco, California and Dominica. They hope to one day have it available for use across all 3 locations – that would be an incredible victory if they could accomplish this goal.

With its expanding list of technologies and products, Viper Networks is reflecting the growth in its Apollo Smart Light System. The new app for iOS and Android operating systems provides value-added services to consumers who use these devices with other aspects within the company’s ecosystem. 

The Company’s Apollo Smart Light LED Poles are the future of city lighting. They can provide state-of-the-art lighting with 6E/5G Mobile WiFIm Data Telecom Services Analytics, Environments and Metering Sensors Media Panels Street Security Surveillance Technology, as well as an intelligent operational command center for streaming & monitoring multiple cities in real-time.

As the pandemic continues to impact people across all industries, Viper Networks is leading from strength with innovative solutions that will help your company thrive through increased efficiency and productivity. We’re proud of our commitment to this crisis long after it ends.

The CEO of Viper, John Gourville, announced that they are targeting delivery for their enhanced technology mobile interaction capabilities and county and city governments employees using it while working. They also plan on providing further updates about several projects, including the initial 21 Smart Cities deployment, which will be starting soon. 

The Company’s products and services can be deployed in any size market worldwide, with a full selection of intelligent LED lighting solutions.