FIFA 22 review

FIFA 22 Review – Does it Score a Goal or Misses the Goalpost?

EA Sports has launched another exciting update to its football simulation series. Its developers have touted it as the game they have always wanted to make with HyperMotion Technology. In this FIFA 22 review, let’s see if the new animation expertise and graphical updates make the game feel better than the previous offerings.

What’s interesting about the game is that the way the little things stick out. For instance, the way the shirt clings to a player’s skin while playing and the way the most popular footballers feature remarkable detailing sporting expressive features and bouncy hair.

Fifa 22

With on and off action, FIFA 22 certainly promises an intoxicating atmosphere with just surface-level improvements.   

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HyperMotion promises tangible improvements on the pitch

FIFA 22 has made some remarkable progress this year with its new “HyperMotion” technology. EA has decided to make FIFA 22 feel more fluid on new-gen gaming consoles by including over 4,000 new animations that it has harvested from real-life matches.

Though this may sound brain-numbing, it has indeed delivered impressive results. The response from midfielders to the blowback from a strong pass feels so natural. Collisions also seem to have improved in the game.

FIFA 22 Review – It feels like a slower game

Though the game seems slower in comparison to FIFA 21, that does not imply there is a lack of goals. The players need to earn them with careful play and vision.  

The new explosive sprint mechanic makes it difficult to track players like Jadon Sancho and Jack Grealish. They can leave you in the dust if you don’t try to read their run.

Revamped stats screen  

The best addition to FIFA 22 is the fleshed-out stats screen which you can see during and after the match. In just a glance you can check your pass accuracy and dribble success rate.

If you wish to dig a little deeper, then you can check diagrams that show where and how you lost an opportunity. The stats screen provides invaluable information to players who are working on developing their skills with certain teams and players.

Revision to gaming modes

Fifa 22

Several revisions have been made to the modes in the game this year. Although there is nothing revolutionary, a few careful tweaks here and there have made the game much enjoyable. Each mode in the game has been complemented with some of the best-licensed soundtracks.   

The Career Mode is almost similar to the 21 version but includes a few new additions. For instance, you have the ability to create a club. You can replace an existing team and create your own stadium, kit, crest to your liking in a separate mode.

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The Player Career Mode offers RPG-style objectives in each match that you need to complete to establish a relationship with your manager. You will get to feel what it is to build a footballer’s career within a club. The character building helps you offset the dull moments in the game.

The Career Mode upgrade allows you to bypass the training days and simulate them at the highest rank you have achieved previously.

FIFA 22 heralds the next generation of virtual football where both the attacking and defending gameplay has attained moment-to-moment fluidity. Some small changes to the modes coupled with new-gen consoles make you feel FIFA 22 is worth the upgrade.

If you have a thing for animations and graphics, then you will enjoy the production value of the game. A few changes are remarkable and stand out. The new commentary additions and refreshing and provide good insight into the game.

The replays are faster and the new match stats data helps you understand your gaming style. Though there is nothing revolutionary in offing, you will enjoy the game if you are a true football fanatic. 

Overall Rating: 7.2 / 10