PUBG Update 13.2

PUBG Update 13.2 Brings Map updates, Brand New Weapons & Porter Vehicle

PUBG will soon receive Update 13.2, including a new vehicle, a new casual mode, new weapons, and more. In PUBG, the Taego map will see significant changes as part of the update on September 8 for PCs, and September 16 for consoles.

Fans are going to be excited about this shakeup as the 8×8 map debuted earlier this summer. As its name suggests, Battlegrounds is often updated midseason to keep things fresh.

PUBG Corporation has revamped the Taego map, added the P90 SMG weapon, added the Blue Zone Grenade, and introduced new weather options. There is no doubt that the new Porter truck and Casual Mode are the two most notable additions.

Tango has developed its pick-up truck, the Porter. Licensed vehicles aren’t limited to racing games like the upcoming Forza Horizon 5; Hyundai makes the car as well. There is seating for four passengers in the car, as well as a trunk system.

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It’s helpful when moving items across the map to store items in the back of the vehicle. A Porter that is destroyed will, however, lose the things.

The Casual Mode is a new addition that offers players a less stressful setting to warm up. It’s possible to play three casual matches per day in PUBG: Battlegrounds, either solo or team mode.

In addition, it is possible to collect XP and BP rewards while playing. Players can also complete missions in this mode.

New Features in PUBG Update 13.2

New Weapons – P90 SMG

All maps will receive the fan-requested P90 SMG starting with Update 13.2. Unlike the original Tommy Gun, the P90 is powered by its own unique 5.7mm high-powered ammo, which is highly effective in long-range encounters.

The P90 SMG is a powerful and fully equipped Care Package weapon that enters the game as a brand-new weapon. With the SMG, you’ll receive a suppressor, a 50-round magazine, and a laser pointer.

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Blue Zone Grenade

Blue Zone Grenades, on the other hand, are unique items that should shake up the gameplay.

This throwable item deals ten damage per second in the Blue Zone while its radius is 10 meters. This tool will be helpful for players who want to lure their enemies out of buildings.

In the same way Blue Zone’s “storm” damages and even kills enemies if they remain inside it for too long; the grenade can be tossed at enemies to create the same effect. In addition, buildings can be flushed out of it very effectively.

New Feature: Trunk System

There is a limit on how many items players can carry in the trunk. Nevertheless, you must make sure you do not damage the vehicle; otherwise, you will lose everything.

In addition to the Taego map layout update, weather options such as sunsets, overcast skies, and Crazy Nights will last eight weeks instead of six weeks.

The PUBG world is a busy place right now, right as its creator Brendan Greene begins to step down. When the new update reaches PUBG: Battlegrounds, it will be interesting to see how it evolves.