10 Benefits of Smart Home Appliances

Interested in learning more about smart home appliances & how they can improve your life? Look no further. Not only will you save money by transitioning to a smart home, but you will also find the quality of your life increasing.

Benefit 1 – Saving Money on Electricity Costs

Your appliances are now connected and communicate with each other, as well as communicating to a centralized hub that controls them all! You can control everything from one device or app; turn off appliances when not in use, check appliance energy consumption statistics, and even pre-heat/pre-cool rooms before coming home from work. Also responsible for turning off appliances such as televisions, lights (or anything plugged into an outlet) when they detect no activity after a certain amount of time. This is especially beneficial during peak electricity hours.

Benefit 2 – Save On Utility Bills

Imagine your home is cooling/heating to the ideal temperature while you are at work. No need to set thermostats, because the best smart thermostat does this automatically. It not only turns on and off appliances when they detect no activity but also sets the ideal temperature for you (you can customize them) based on what time of year it is and whether or not you’re home or away. This product will save money on utility bills! Saving up to 50% if all smart home products are fully integrated into your household’s energy use patterns.   

Benefit 3 – Smart Locks

Have an essential oil diffuser that smells great during parties. No need to worry about it being knocked over and spilling everywhere since the lock can be programmed to unlock if it detects a specially coded bottle on its surface!

Benefit 4 – Digital Timers

A digital time is perfect for setting up your air conditioner or thermostat based on when you’re away from home or not. No more manual timers that don’t always work correctly, these digital ones will do all of this automatically!  

Benefit 5 – Audio / Visual Entertainment

Imagine you’re away from home on a vacation or business trip. You can set your lights to turn on and off automatically; nature sounds soothed with the calmness of being in the tropics without having to leave your home. Want to focus more on your work, just turn the sound/lighting down. Prefer reading before going to bed? Make sure all electronics are turned off and it’s quiet after a certain time (no need for nightlights). Also, if you have pets at home that need walking or taking out, there is a smart pet door available that you can program to only unlock if it detects your pet’s special collar and not just anyone coming in or out of the house.

Benefit 6 – Security

Have a WiFi security camera that sends notifications to your phone when activated? You’ll be notified immediately (in real time) when an intruder is detected! Also great for outdoor activities such as hiking; set up cameras outside so that you can see what’s happening even when you’re away from home. Know whether or not it’s safe to go back inside without having to worry about intruders climbing through windows/doors. 

Benefit 7 – Heating / Cooling Optimization

You can set the ideal temperature for your refrigerator and freezer as well. A great way to save more on utility bills while at work.   Make sure you have a programmable thermostat that automatically sets the refrigerator and freezer temperatures to preferred settings (you can customize them) so that nothing spoils while you’re away from home. Also a great way to give yourself more time in the morning before leaving for work without having to worry about walking into a cold house or even having to make sure the doors and windows are closed (can be programmed remotely).

Benefit 8 – Smooth Transitions

When coming home from work, your house can be automatically set to ideal temperature/light levels. Your refrigerator can also refresh itself before you get back so that it’s at optimal temperature when you open the door. Have a smart watering system? It will keep your plants watered continuously while you’re on vacation because it can detect if anyone is in or near your house!

Benefit 9 – Cooking & Baking

If you have a smart refrigerator, you can set timers to remind yourself that certain ingredients need to be added in at specific times. This is great if you like making recipes from scratch and always forget to add important ingredients! Also great for people who are diabetic because it can monitor blood sugar levels.

Benefit 10 – Saving Money

The other great benefit is the money you save by having smart home appliances. They are easy to install and even easier to maintain. Since everything is automated, it takes a lot less time to upkeep your home while still maintaining an ideal setting for comfort. You can save even more if you have an energy efficient refrigerator or set your washing machine/dryer on its most energy efficient settings!

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