Cannon EOS R3

24-MP Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera slated for Launch in November

Canon EOS R3 is the company’s flagship mirrorless digital camera that has been specifically designed to capture wildlife pictures, motion, and sports activities. It is not a high-resolution digicam as it was touted earlier.

However, this 24.1 MP, back-side illuminated camera with a stacked sensor promises a high-resolution performance that can surpass that of 30.1 MP EOS 5D Mark IV despite the decreased pixels.

Cannon EOS R3

The Canon EOS R3 is currently the most powerful mirrorless camera by the company. The makers in June had announced that EOS R3 would have new vehicle-tracking autofocus, eight stops of in-body image stabilization, an articulating touchscreen, and the capacity to capture oversampled 4K video.

This full announcement provides some key details about the specifications of this action-focused camera.   

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EOS R3 is the first EOS mannequin by the makers to assist flash pictures in digital shutter mode. This permits blackout-free flash capturing at 15 fps. The silent shutter mode can cut off AF acquisition and synthetic shutter sounds. The device also presents plenty of autofocus options to the users.

Cannon EOS R3

What is unique is that the Eye Control AF locks onto focus wherever your eye is wanting once you half-press the shutter button. It permits the user to quickly shift the target between multiple subjects. Quick calculation speeds permit EOS R3 with new autofocus powers.

The Dual Pixel AF system can observe in spot, single-point, and versatile zone AF and in decrease mild than every other mannequin. 

Canon EOS R3 with 24MP stacked sensor

It is now confirmed that Canon’s mirrorless camera comes with a stacked sensor of 24.1MP resolution. Though the resolution may sound miserly in comparison to Sony A1 which comes with 50 MP resolution, it has much more interesting features in the offing.

The sensor is the first stacked chip from Canon which is something that has been pioneered by Sony cameras. It supports higher data read-out speeds than standard backside-illuminated sensors.

The stacked sensor powers the EOS R3’s much-talked 30 fps shooting speeds. Canon has also confirmed that EOS R3’s electronic shutter can be synced with external flashes. 

Shoot 6K raw video internally

Cannon EOS R3

Canon hadn’t revealed much about EOS R3’s video powers during pre-launch. It is no doubt that this camera is a professional powerhouse. It can shoot oversampled 4K video and the color graders boost the editing flexibility and dynamic range.

Canon recently revealed that this device can shoot 6k/60p raw video internally which is something rare in mirrorless cameras. You can record up to six hours of video of standard frame rate at a time and for 1.5 hours of 120p video if you have enough memory card space and battery life left. 

EOSR3 features a high-resolution rear screen

R3’s screen features a fully articulating display which is ideal for video shooters. Canon has however confirmed that the screen comes with an impressive 4.15-million dot resolution.

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The quality of R3’s rear display is an added big bonus for navigating through the menus easily and for reviewing your images.  

The multi-function Shoe brings new accessories

Canon has added a Multi-function Shoe to EOS R3 and also revealed some accessories you could use with it. It allows two-way, high-speed data transfer between the camera and compatible accessories.

You can use a Speedlite Transmitter (ST-E10) and a Directional Stereo Microphone with the device. Both of these accessories draw power from the camera. ST-E10 permits you to control multiple radio Speedlite flashes remotely.

The downside of this Multi-function Shoe is that it doesn’t create a fully weather-proof seal. You can still mount other accessories on top of the adapter including the Smartphone Link AD-P1 which will allow you to mount an Android phone or iOS above the camera and transfer images to it via the new MFT app.   

With EOS R3, Canon has created a supercharged flagship that is bound to grab the attention of intense videographers and photographers who would be keen to try out its incredible new features. EOS R3 will be launched in November for $6,000.