uCloudlink Enters into Cooperation Agreement with JUAN for New HyperConn™ Technology Possibilities for Data Connection Services

The world’s first and largest marketplace for mobile data traffic sharing, has signed a new agreement with Guangzhou JUAN Ltd. uCloudlink and JUAN will collaborate on the development of data connectivity-related services for relevant technologies.

As a new technological innovation, HyperConn™ technology would be a universal solution that ensures data connectivity in all conditions.

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uCloudlink is the world’s first and largest marketplace for sharing mobile data traffic, having pioneered the sharing economy business model in the telecommunications industry.

The Company’s products and services provide unmatched value to mobile data users, handset and smart-hardware manufacturers, mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), and mobile network operators (MNOs).

In order to reinvent the mobile data connectivity experience, the company has developed an innovative cloud SIM platform, which allows users to access mobile data allowances shared by network operators while maintaining a reliable connection, high speeds, and competitive pricing.

About the Strategic Partnership

The technology evolves uCloudlink’s CloudSIM technology and leverages numerous uCloudlink patents to provide users with the best network experience possible with a reliable data connection, at any time and in any location, for a variety of application scenarios.

At all times, HyperConn™ technology would ensure a reliable, secure, and fast network connection.

The seamless data connection capabilities of the HyperConn™ technology solution enable maximum utilization of improved networks and are highly adaptable to various application scenarios.

Earlier this year, uCloudlink and Baiyitong announced the launch of Numen, a 5G mobile Wi-Fi hotspot device powered by HyperConn™ technology that provides users and business partners with improved data connectivity mobility, and efficiency.

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Additionally, uCloudlink partnered with Air-U of Japan to launch the HyperConn™ tablet, which provides users with limitless data connectivity.

Beyond remote work and education, HyperConn™ enables new innovative technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, self-driving cars, and cloud computing.

uCloudlink is collaborating with partners & growing its SaaS and PaaS ecosystem to capitalize on new global opportunities.

As more countries roll out data connectivity for 5G networks, uCloudlink is well-positioned to expand the use of data connection technologies and services, thereby expediting the arrival of the 5G cloud era.