Alan Wake Remastered

Taiwanese Store Leaks Alan Wake Remastered Release Date as October 5

With no official announcement, there are speculations that a remastered version of Alan Wake is ready for release in the coming days. Is it true? There is no fire without smoke. EpicData is a website that tracks the updates for games released by the Epic Games store.

This website also unveiled the listing of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on the Epic Games Store and has now seen Alan Wake listed there. A leak on the Epic Games Store has made it clear that some official announcements are expected from Remedy.

The listing of the Alan Wake Remastered was also observed on a Taiwanese store offering preorders of console versions. The store claims that the 2010 Remedy game is coming on October 5 for both PC and consoles.

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People are talking about this game because they love it so much. Whereas, Rakuten Taiwan has claimed that the Remedy game will be available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series XIS on October 5, 2021. An Industry Insider Wario64 raised a question regarding the listing on Twitter.

Even Daniel Ahmad, a senior analyst, endorsed the listing and expects an official announcement of Alan Wake in the next month. Such news points out the expected official debut of Remedy’s, Alan Wake Remastered in 2021.

It is quite a coincidence that Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase is also on September 9, including many games that would be released recently. It makes it an ideal time to release Alan Wake 2.0 if it’s in the pipeline. 

Gamers believe that Remedy should relive the magic and popularity of Alan Wake again after all these years. Though, there is no official announcement by Remedy games.

But last year, in March 2020, Remedy signed a deal with Epic Games to publish two new multi-platform games. The two-game deal with Epic included one for an ambitious “AAA multi-platform game” and a “small-scale project.”

There was also a rumor that Remedy is looking for a publisher to fund Alan Wake 2 and Epic Games got the deal.  It was presumed by the industry and gamers that a sequel of Alan Wake is work-in-progress and Remedy has ‘moved into full production’ for an unannounced project with Epic Games.

Therefore, there are high speculations in the gaming industry that the small-scale project set in the same franchise can be Alan Wake 2.

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Alan Wake of 2010 was a stunning, action-packed game with an adventurous script for Xbox 360. Recently, Remedy bought the publishing rights on July 19, and Control: Ultimate Edition is now available on Xbox Series X/S, PC, and PS 5.

With rereleased Control for next-gen consoles, it highlights that Remedy is all set to tell more stories about Alan Wake and connect it to the Control’s world.

Unfortunately, the truth is still hidden. No one knows what Remedy games are going to offer the addicted game lovers. Though, the idea of Alan Wake is quite logical. You can take these news with a pinch of salt.