Apple VR Headset

What We Know About the Apple AR/VR Headset So Far – 2nd-Gen Already in the Works

Apple’s new headset seems to be the next big thing that wouldn’t resemble any other headset that could easily fit into your bag. Rather it could turn out to be a massive wearable device.

According to analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple is planning to replace iPhone with AR technology in the next 10 years. Here is everything that the company has mentioned about its ambitious headset project.

Processor and Specifications of Apple Headset

According to Kuo, the headset is expected to feature two processors. The high-end processor is expected to feature almost similar computing power to the Mac M1 processor. The secondary chip would deal with sensor-related computing. This sounds like a lot of processing.

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However, if the headset needs to power a pair of 8K displays, then it will certainly require a hefty chip. There are also reports circulating that the headset will have to be tethered to an iPhone just like Apple Watch. 

Reports from Kuo also hint that the headset will support Wi-Fi 6E. It is also expected to feature 8GB of RAM and a 256-GB hard drive. Nothing has been heard of the battery life yet. However, Kuo believes that the focus of the second-generation model would be to prolong the battery life.  

Apple Headset Design

Apple VR Headset

While the ultimate goal of the augmented reality project that the company is working on is to produce a pair of smart glasses that also make a style statement, the first version is reportedly bigger than what has been anticipated. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the first version of the smart glass is weighing between 300-400 grams.

The first-generation headset is expected to be an Oculus-style headset. It would also feature a similar mesh-wrapped body like AirPods Max. It could resemble the sleeker version of the Daydream headset by Google. A patent application has also been filed with a “head-mounted display unit”. However, nothing else has been reported about the design of Apple’s AR device.

Although Jon Prosser has reported that Apple is working on prototype pair of AR glasses, the latest rumors indicate that a bona fide pair of glasses is still years away from production. Surprisingly, Ming-Chin Kuo claims that the company is already working on the second-generation model which is expected to be launched in 2024 with a slightly updated industrial design and it would also be a lighter version. 

Apple Headset Display

Apple’s glasses are being designed to handle both VR and AR functionality through a pair of 8K screens. The company is expected to rely on eye-tracking technology. The headset may also feature over a dozen cameras as per the rumors doing around the web.

These cameras are expected to project a real-world view onto the screens as if you are looking through clear glass. It is expected to use either mini LED or OLED and would also incorporate the Ceramic Shield coating as well.     

Functionality and Apps

Though not much has been spoken about the user interface of the Apple headset, it appears as it would easily recognize objects and people while handling VR applications. The immersive new walking directions feature in iOS 15 serves as a good indication of how the interface would work while naming the directions, names of streets, and more.

Apart from maps, the apps that would be covered by the headset may include messages, music, calls, and fitness.  

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The device would also be equipped to manage VR applications. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg believes that gaming could receive strong attention on the platform. He expects that the company would work closely with media partners and developers for developing content that could be viewed in VR on the device. 

As per a new report by Ming-Chi Kuo, that the structured light of the AR headset cannot just detect the change in position of the user but also of the object present in front of the user’s field of vision. It is also expected that Siri will play a key role in the way the users communicate with the headset.

Price and Release Date

Though Apple has been working on VR headsets for many years, both Kuo and Gurman believe that the company has set the 2022 end as the release date for the headset. It could also make an appearance at the iPhone event slated to be held in the September event.

As far as the pricing rumors suggest, the first model is going to be quite expensive and could cost several thousand dollars. However, it could create quite a buzz and excitement amongst die-hard Apple fans.